Jake Sun is a Brisbane-based artist whose practice investigates our personal and shared experiences of popular culture, art, and lived spaces, mining the potential for these intersections to act as sites of ‘contemporary communion’ and the sublime.

In an age where the incessant flood of our collective audio, screen, and text-based technologies make us prone to a certain displacement, Sun appropriates and abstracts these mediums, recontextualising them within phenomenological frameworks that critically engage people, place, and presence. He often realises this through an exhibition-as-medium approach, working regularly with syntheses of site-specific audio-video installation, live sound, text, food, and instructional experiences. These works frequently embrace audience participation and elements of collaboration to challenge self-other binaries and reflexively explore the blurring of author-audience roles within the interdependent processes of creative action.

In 2012 Jake graduated his honours with first class from the Queensland University of Technology, where he was awarded the NAVA Ignition Prize for achievement in Professional Practice. He has since exhibited internationally and nationally within various solo and group exhibitions, and performed in events at Boxcopy, Brisbane Powerhouse, and Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary arts. He has produced three artist books and his text works have been published by contemporary art journal Das 500 and local poetry anthologies neither/nor and small packages.

In 2017-18, Jake developed a Brisbane-Kerala creative exchange project, titled taste on opening, and exhibited its first iteration from December 2018 – March 2019 at Yousuf gallery in Kochi, India. As Creative Director in Residence with House Conspiracy from March – April 2019, he developed a Brisbane-Kerala residency exchange program and curated the resulting group exhibition Glossoperteris: Black Beyond Coal and up-late fundraiser concert Club Conspiracy in support of the Wangan and Jagalingou Peoples’ plight to Stop Adani. Currently, Jake is a board member of House Conspiracy and his work is being shown throughout India in the traveling group exhibition Raigad Activista 2020.

email: jake.sun333@gmail.com










































































































































































































































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